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With over 20 years experience in the food and catering industry in Perth, I am sure I can make you next event a memorable one!

"...Finger food is ideal for many occasions. You might invite a small group of friends round for hors d’oeuvres or canapés with drinks. Alternatively, you might be hosting a wild party for 30+ people, a wedding or brunch at your home or function room. Finger food has its place at all these events..."


"...If you are using a buffet table, you will need to give its layout some thought. For a large gathering, if you have the space and tables, it is a good idea to set up two tables so that everyone isn't queuing together..."



"...Think about complementary flavours – sour, salty, spicy, subtle, savoury, sweet, as well as hot and cold – and try to create an interesting balance..."


When we cater for you we can also satisfy the sweetest sweet tooth.

Yolanda's Catering Service.

Buffet, Table or Waiter?

Once you’ve decided what to serve, you need to decide how you are going to serve it. Once again you will be governed by how many people are attending and how much room and equipment you have available.

Planning a Party

Many factors will affect your choice of menu. What type of gathering are you intending to have? How long will it go for? What time of day? What time of year? How many people will be attending? What are their tastes in food?

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